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  • 2022-11-23


    【德國福特斯】官方發布了行業重磅消息! 德國福特斯電線與歐派家居集團達成2023年度戰略合作聯盟! 2022年11月19日,歐派家居集團與德國福特斯電線達成2023年度戰略合作聯盟,由深圳歐派大家居董事總經理 李華先生 與德國福特斯品牌銷售總監 王道濱先生 出席并簽署了歐派家居集團與德國福特斯品牌的2023年度戰……(Full text)



    福特斯品牌成功入選2021年度全國企業標準“領跑者”上榜企業名單   據國內市場監管總局和深圳市市場監督管理局消息,目前2021年度全國企業標準“領跑者”名單正式發布,37家深圳企業登上全國企業標準“領跑者”榜,福特斯線纜憑借在“阻燃電線、環保電線、防火電線”等系列家裝電線品牌的拳頭產品,嚴格入選全國企業標準“領……(Full text)


    Interpretation of Fortes Fords'Representative Symbols

    ?PVC insulation: ZA-BVR environmentally friendly flame retardant ?At present, the home is widely used for BV and BVR (single, 7 and 19). The main difference ……(Full text)


    [Enterprise Report] Ganzhou Annual Meeting of Agents was held solemnly

    In order to thank the industry insiders for their support for Fortes wire and the hard work of the Fortes people, on January 6, 2019, the annual meeting of the dealers in Zhangzhou was held. This annual meeting is an important part of Ford's develo(Full text)


    What are the root causes of quality problems of wires and cables

    According to incomplete statistics, there are 7,000 or even tens of thousands of wire and cable enterprises in China, and there are more than 5,500 wire and cable companies that have obtained CCC compulsory certification;There are more than 2,000 wire and(Full text)

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